ManiacMarble3D Release!

Today the ultimate marble game is out! ManiacMarble3D is a game I made in the first master semester. It took me quit a while to make all the builds for Windows, Linux and Mac but now it’s here!

Have fun!!




  1. Mr. Vanilla says:

    HURRAY!!!!! Da goenn ich mir eine Torte 🙂

    Und mit Forum, hawedere, du hoassts, i kann dann test und posten!!!

    So, jetzt gehts morgen um 6e ind Fruah mitm Bus Richtung Suedinsel und beim zruckkumman wuell i ane News.

    Schenan Gruass!
    Chunky chocolate chips soy icecream with triple chocolate fudge and hot smooth chocolate sauce from heaven… oder doch Vanuelle

  2. Franp says:

    Nice game !

    Unfortunately, it is unplayable on the french keyboard since WASD keys are not laid in a cross.

    Please allow user to define keys or at least use the up, down, left, right arrows key which are universal.

    Many thanks.

  3. Jochen says:

    I got a lot of mails about this topic.
    Give me some time (I’m quit busy right now), and I’ll have a look at the problem.

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