private projects

Jedi Outcast & Academy Linux Ports


Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (Single Player Linux Port).

Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy (Single Player Linux Port).

After the source code release of both games I started working on a Linux port just for fun. The games are based on a customized Quake3 engine. This helped a lot and it was possible to have something playable after just 10 days. There are bigger teams working on enhancing the game, but I decided to make just simple ports without new features.  Some bug fixing is still going on. Thx for the bug reports and patches.

Info: C++
Platforms: Linux (x86)


Tile Racer (StuntsRemake)


Tile Racer (formerly known as StuntsRemake) is a freeware 3D stunt racing game which features realistic car physics and an in game track editor to create new maps to race on. At the moment the players are able to race for the best lap time. The game was started as an university project and was further developed and maintained even after graduation.

You can get the game and more information on the Tile Racer web page.

Info: C++, Ogre3D, PhysX
Platforms: WindowsXP, Linux (x86)

Team: Adam Gokcezade, Leopold Jochen



This OpenGL game is a remake of a well known game concept. The player has to guide a marble from the start to a target point in a 3D environment. The tricky part of the game is the constant fight against the gravity because the marble has to be moved across small platforms in the sky.
The soundtrack was performed by “the famous band Lasch”.

ManiacMarble3D was my first 3D C++ university semester project. Every part of this project was created by myself (explaining the basic art-work).

Info: C++, OpenGL
Platforms: WindowsXP, Linux (x86), MacOS X (universal binary)

download page



In the last game development class we decided to make a tech demo with a component based approach. We made different components for physic, graphics, sounds, input and so on. The whole scene setup is described in XML files. It is really easy to add new assets in the scene. It is just a matter of mixing some components together and the new object appears on the screen.

Info: C++, Ogre, FMod, ODE
Platforms: WindowsXP, Linux (x86)

Team: Jochen Leopold, Adam Gokcezade, Michael Mayer, Wolfang Schermann, Andreas Pecuch, Monika Gepperth




Back in my school days we used the advanced calculator TI89 from Texas Instruments. Because of the fan base of this calculator, I was able to develop a “jump and run” game with 10 levels, grayscale pictures, save slots and an in-game level editor.

Info: C

hosl01 hosl02 Hosl_ani



This is my second game for the TI89 calculator. “StoneBall” is an Arkanoid clone with 10 power ups, 20 levels and a very handy boss-key.

Info: C

sb01 sb02