Jedi Academy VR v3.0.0 Release

The new Jedi Academy VR version 3.0.0 was released today.

I added support for the latest Oculus Runtime 0.8.
Major improvements in the Windows version are better menu rendering and Windows 10 support (untested).

Oculus has suspended SDK updates on Linux, so we can’t use the new features for better menu rendering on this platform.

There are still some smaller bug fixes for all platforms.
For example: the scaling of the world should be better now and the stencil shadows are fixed.

I tested the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2, but it should also work for the Crescent Bay.

Binary Download

Changes and new Features:

Changes for the VR mode

  • Windows:
    • updated to latest¬†Oculus SDK version for Windows: Oculus SDK 0.8
    • should work now on Windows 10
    • Menus:
      • use a quad placed in the world for all fullscreen menus
      • correct aspect ratio
      • correct placement of 3D elements embedded in the menus
  • Linux:
    • updated to latest¬†Oculus SDK version for Linux: Oculus SDK 0.5
  • fixed Star Wars text scroll
  • fixed stencil shadow
  • changed world scaling


The source code and the instructions to build the game can be found on my Github page: